Used and tested.

As it goes you can pay a whole lot more for Co2 and not get a fat lot more out of the product !

Lasted quite well and we have the test tube to prove it .

1 grow Pepsi challenge against a tent with out a bag and there was a definite difference . Well worth the punt .

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CPR FOR PLANTS – The Smart Co2 Bag

The Smart Co2 Bag is a natural, safe and cost effective way of providing your plants with Co2 (Carbon Dioxide). Other methods such as generators or Co2 tanks can be far too expensive and time consuming. Once you have hung the Smart Co2 Bag, with the ready provided “hang fast” eyelets, it requires no maintenance!


The perks of increased Co2 levels within a greenhouse are universally known, and include earlier flowering, greater yields, enhanced stem strength, and weightier flowers.

Plants use a process called photosynthesis, which converts water, sunlight and C02 in to essentialmaterials to aid their growth and overall nutrition.

With more Co2 in the air, plants become more active and efficient at absorbing it and using it. Faster conversion of Co2 in to essential nutrients, results in faster and more vigorous plant growth. Also, plants absorb Co2 through small pores on the underside of the leaves, called stomata.

When the levels of Co2 are larger, the plants do not require these pores to open as often or as wide, this results in a smaller water loss and reduced probability of absorbing critically damaging air pollutants.

HOW DOES the Smart Co2 Bag WORK

The Smart Co2 Bag contains a mycelial mass (fungus) and enough organic substrate to sustain it for at least 4 months. The mycelial mass works in the opposite way to a normal plant, it breathes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide, 24 hours a day through the breather path on the bag.

This creates a natural, self-sustaining, cost effective, odour free Co2 generator. The Smart Co2 Bag produces no heat, and gives off Co2 as soon as you purchase it.

You simply hang it up, leave it alone, and it will do the work!

HOW TO USE the Smart Co2 Bag

Once you have purchased the Smart Co2 Bag, hang it in your growing area, just above plant height. We recommend one Co2 bag per 4ft x 4ft area. Because Co2 is heavier than oxygen, it will fall down on to the plants, giving them all the C02 they need.

Once it is hung at the required height, you do not need to make any adjustments or refill the bag.

After around 4 months the Co2 production will slowly decrease, and you will need to replace your Co2 bag.

When you wish to dispose of your used Co2 bag, simply pour the contents on to a compost pile, or outdoor garden. The plastic packaging can be recycled.


The Smart Co2 Bag will start out brown, and will turn a white-ish colour over time, don’t worry, this is totally normal, it is the development of the mycelial mass.

The Smart Co2 Bag will also inflate, again do not worry, this is also normal.

The Smart Co2 Bag is working right from the moment you purchase it. The bag should not be opened, and the breathe patch on the front should not be removed until disposal of the insides, once the product  has been used. If you remove the patch or pierce the bag, you will contaminate the mycelial mass,  and the production of Co2 will stop.