Pyrethrum 5EC 100ml


Natural organic insecticide. for use on vegetables or soft fruits and ornamentals leaves no residue and does not hang around your indoor garden environment. harvest interval is only 24 hours. Chrysanthemum flowers have been available in Europe for over 150 years and powdered flowers have been used as louse powders for decades, known originally as Persian Insect Powder. Liquid concentrates for insect control in public health situations have been used for 50 years. However, liquid concentrates suitable for horticultural use by professionals have only just become available with the launch of Pyrethrum 5EC in the UK. Our pyrethrum is purified from flowers of Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium grown in Tanzania and Tasmania. It is subject to rigorous quality control and is formulated as a 5% active ingredient product synergised with piperonyl butoxide from natural oils. Natural pyrethrum is nature’s own insecticide and works by paralysing insects so that they will drop off crops and eventually die. Pyrethrum is very safe to humans and has been used as hair shampoo for lice treatment, as an anthelmintic for young children and added to drinking water in some countries. Pyrethrum has, however, been subjected to the most modern