Nutrifield Coco nutrient a+b 500ml


The Elements nutrient range is a premium, synthetic nutrient range, formulated to support hydroponic plant growth in a broad range of applications, including plant growth in clay balls, ebb-and-flow systems, deep water culture (DWC), nutrient film technique (NFT), and soil/potting mix systems.
The Elements base nutrient range is separated into two formulations, which are specifically designed to fulfil nutrient requirements during the two major stages of plant development. Elements Grow A&B is formulated to promote leaf, stem, and root growth during the vegetative growth cycle and Elements Bloom A&B contain the ideal nutrient ratio to support flower and fruit production during the flowering growth cycle. The combined nutrient profile contains all essential macro and micro nutrients, with an optimised NPK ratio, and chelators to ensure nutrient bioavailability.


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