Maxibright 1000w Digilight Pro Select Ballast


The Maxibright DigiLight Pro Select 600W & 1000W The new digital power pack with 6 power modes 600W Power Modes 250W 275W Super 400W 440W Super 600W 660W Super 1000W Power Modes  400W 440W Super 600W 660W Super 1000W 1100W Super Developed with new Surge Control® software.Use the Super power modes to give each lamp 10% extra power for ultimate light control throughout your plant’s growth cycle. Gently starts the lamp with a low current for significantly improved lamp life and continually efficient output for maximum light. Plants need a regulated day and night cycle. To limit the damage caused by unexpected interruptions to your plant lighting such as a power cut, fast lamp re-strike safely re-starts hot lamps as quickly as possible rather than waiting for them to cool. Domestic power supplies naturally fluctuate in voltage. Dynamic frequency control regulates the ballast output to your lamps for longer lamp life, efficient lamp output and no flickering.


End of lamp life detection, Short circuit protection, Thermal protection and auto-reset LED status light with diagnostic feature, Silent and lightweight Run High Pressure Sodium & Metal Halide lamps .