I W S 18 pot standard system


Exceptional Control and Scalability.
For growers that want a system that delivers outstanding results with minimal effort. Flood & Drain provides the ability to scale the grow to suit your needs.

IWS Flood & Drain – How it Works
The brain will flood the system at predetermined feed times set by the user. The integrated float switches will automatically switch off the flooding when it reaches the precise flooding height for your pots. After the feed time has lapsed, the drain pumps will return any remaining nutrient solution back to your reservoir, quickly and quietly, re-oxygenating it in the process. This is a fully automated system, giving you peace of mind that your plants are receiving everything they need, even when you’re not there.

The Brain
The IWS control unit, also known as the brain, is at the centre of every IWS system, and puts the ‘intelligent’ in IWS.

The Timer
Each system is supplied with a 1 minute remote timer.