5ltr Canna Boost Accelerator


CANNABOOST Accelerator

CANNABOOST Accelerator is CANNA’s flagship flowering stimulator, specially developed for fast growing plants, it improves quality and increases yields. This powerful additive stimulates the development of flowers that have formed recently and this can make the fruits fuller than normal. This also results in a more homogeneous harvest because the fruits mature gradually.

This incredible flowering additive does not just guarantee higher yields but also better taste.
Something extra for the CANNA grower – use with CANNA PK 13/14 for even higher yields.

How does it work?

The oligosaccharin products that make up CANNABOOST act as triggers in the plant cells. Shown to increase activities including energy production, photosynthesis, metabolite production, gene activation, and so on. The remaining components in BOOST serve to enhance and support these activities, by providing certain levels of important nutrients. It converts the nutrients into many components through modern organic chemical techniques that are completely natural. These, together with the trace elements and other remaining components which this product contains, directly interact with the metabolic processes in the plant’s cells. CANNABOOST is an all-natural carbohydrate-based product, but it contains little sugar and no added plant hormones at all.


When used in combination with any of the CANNA line of liquid fertilisers, the product has a positive effect on root growth and plant development. The vital carbohydrates in CANNABOOST give the plant’s root cells an extra energy shot, allowing the rapid uptake of minerals. In turn, this improved mineral uptake helps stimulate flowering and increases the quality of taste and smell. Taste and smell is based on the mix of sugars, acids and minerals contained within the fruit, and the metabolites they form. CANNABOOST will also elicit a strong response in the plant’s immune reactions, photosynthesis, and metabolic rate.

Foliar Application:

Boost will immediately increase the rate of photosynthesis when used as a foliar spray. Due to the amount, type, and source of oligosaccharides in the product, the plant cells in the leaves create additional energy that remains available to produce sugars and carbohydrates. These are then available to provide more abundant flowers and better quality fruit. Although foliar spraying can trigger a more immediate boost, the total amount of product needed to obtain the same result as feeding through the root system is higher.