Atlas M8 Pot Dripper System


The atlas is a range of table based recirculating drip irrigation systems. Drip irrigation is the most common method of commercial hydroponic growing. Watering and feeding little and often via drip irrigation provides a more consistent and optimal moisture content in the media for the plants. This results in healthier plants and bigger yields than heavy occasional watering by hand. Plants are grown in pots and placed on the table. Nutrient/water solution is pumped from the tank to the plants via drippers into the pots. All run off of nutrient/water solution returns to the tank below the table. The fully adjustable drippers mean it is suitable for irrigating in any media and can be used for everything – from automated watering of heavily fertilised compost to a fully hydroponic regime with inert media such as clay pebbles or stonewool. You can even integrate an organic feed schedule by watering the feed directly onto the soil by hand once or twice a week with the system doing the rest of the work. By it being recirculated you will not lose valuable nutrients in the run off or waste water. Each dripper is adjustable and can be tailored to each plant. There are two options of pot volume for each table size – 12 litre or 18 litre – which comes with drippers to match the number of pots on the table and the delivery arrangement is pre-assembled. Also available is a dripper only option – where you can build your own dripper kit. Choosing this option means you can select your own pot size and number of drippers (up to the recommended maximum for that table size). It is easy to make one system a nursery kit for bringing plants on in size before transplanting to their final growing position and suitable spacing to reach maturity. Feeding cycles can be manually controlled or timed using a simple segmental or digital timer (not supplied).