5Ltr Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom


Soil grower? Get up to 8% more yield with SHOGUN’s pioneering base soil feeds – SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow & Bloom.


They both contain SHOGUN’s EXCLUSIVE additive – the SmartZen Maximiser! You won’t find it in any other base soil feed.


SmartZen promotes stronger, faster, healthier growing plants with better environmental resistance. Overall, it’s been found to boost yields by up to 8% more than standard NPK feeds!


Use Terra Grow for vegging, and Terra Bloom for flowering – the results will be staggering!


Find out why SHOGUN has taken the market by storm – try SHOGUN Samurai Terra Nutrients today.


• Soil Base Feed
• Features EXCLUSIVE ingredient ‘SmartZen Maximiser’
• Perfect for use in drip irrigation & hand watered systems
• Significant yield increase (up to 8% more than standard base NPK formulas)
• Increases photosynthesis
• Lowers heat stress
• Enhances chlorophyll production
• Drives enzyme driven processes
• Stimulates mitochondria activity (energy driven part of the plant cell)
• Enhances nutrient uptake
• Aids nutrient transportation
• Supports strong, fast and healthy growth
• Dilution rate: 2-4ml per litre