5Ltr Shogun Samurai Sumo Boost


For bigger yields, better tasting fruit & more essential oils, invest in the best flowering booster ever launched – SHOGUN Sumo Boost.


It’s powerful! It contains a natural phyto-hormone that’s known to stimulate photosynthesis, water uptake & enzyme activity.


Results are mind-blowing!


Expect a weight increase of up to 10%!


Your overall plant performance will improve, too, thanks to a boost in metabolism.


All of this comes at a low cost – SHOGUN Sumo Boost is twice as strong as Canna Boost Accelerator.


• Trigger your plants’ metabolism (contains natural phyto-hormone triacontanol)
• Stimulate growth, photosynthesis, water uptake & enzyme activity
• Boost essential oil production & fruit weight (by up to 10%!)
• Intensify the flavour of fruits
• Improve the appearance of fruit
• Increase plant efficiency for all round improvements
• Build defences against pathogenic bacteria and fungi
• Stimulate production of flower buds & fruit
• Enhance nutrient uptake when used with SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18 during flowering
• Affordable! Twice the strength of Canna Boost Accelerator!
• Great as root feed or foliar spray
• Excellent in any growing media or growing system


Use it as a root feed or foliar spray!

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