5Ltr Shogun Samurai Katana Roots


Fuel root growth, health and branching with SHOGUN’s explosive Katana Roots.

It stimulates both root initiation and root elongation – that’s almost unheard of! You’ll find it reduces stress, too.

Your plants will speed through vegetative growth – when we tried it, we got roots in just 5 days!

It’s promotes impressive root growth without root staining. It won’t change the pH of your nutrient solution either!

Use it alongside your base nutrient as a nutrient additive, for soaking propagation cubes, for taking cuttings and as a growth boosting foliar spray!

• Improves root health
• Fuels root initiation (via nutrient boron)
• Stimulates root elongation (biotin)
• Enhances root branching ( for superior root network)
• Balances hormonal fluctuations (brimming with B vitamins)
• Reduces plant stress when cut (for cuttings and seedlings).
• Great dilution rate: 0.2mL/L (5mL for cube soak & foliar spray)
• Effective in soil, coco and hydroponic mediums
• Speeds up propagation times – we got roots in just 5 days!
• Drives nutrient uptake (thanks to healthy roots)
• No root staining


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