5Ltr Shogun Samurai Hydro Grow A/B


Hydro grower? Propel plant growth with the bestselling, SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Nutrients.


The revolutionary range consists of 4 variants:


Buy HydroGrow for vegetative growth.



Each feed features the EXCLUSIVE additive, ‘SmartZen Maximiser’ – it’s been proven to increase yields by up to 8%.


You’ll have taller, greener, healthier plants, with strong roots and incredible yields.


• EXCLUSIVE, unique additive, ‘SmartZen Maximiser’
• Use HydroGrow for vegetative
• Up to 8% increase in yield (compared to other NPK formulas)
• Maximises nutrient uptake
• Fantastic dilution rate of 2 – 4ml per litre
• Greater stomata control
• Noticeable rise in chlorophyll density
• Increases rate of photosynthesis
• Enhances fruit and flower production
• Boosts germination emergence
• Major root growth, especially in young plants
• Reduces impact of heat stress


For precision growing, there are separate feeds for each stage of growth, each with a soft water and hard water variant:


• SHOGUN Samurai HydroGrow
Designed specifically for vegetative growth