5Ltr Shogun Samurai Geisha


Increase flowering sites by up to 5%
Uniform flowering across plant
Results in just 24 hours!
Plants become greener and well hydrated
Creates heat tolerance for a few days after spraying
Ramps up water & nutrient uptake
Boosts plant metabolism
Enhances yield quality
Use during vegetative growth and flowering
Apply every 2 weeks
No dilution needed – supplied ready to use
No mixing or pH adjustment needed

Note: Not recommended for use on sick plants or propagating plants.

Get up to 5% more flowering sites for very little effort with SHOGUN Geisha, a unique foliar spray. It comes ready to use!

You’ll get noticeable results in just 24 hours!

To boost the formation of flowering organs & reduce heat stress, Geisha contains unique polyamines.

You’ll see a surge in hydration and nutrient uptake… thank the boron and bio activators in Geisha for that.

You don’t need to measure, mix or adjust your pH – all you do is spray!

Geisha also contains SHOGUN’s signature ingredient – the ‘SmartZen Maximiser’.

For best results use it every 2 weeks. Otherwise, use it once after the 2nd week of flowering, then again at the start of the 5th week. Makes sure plants are well established before you use it – Geisha is potent!

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