5Ltr Shogun Samurai Coco A/B


Try this ground-breaking mix of minerals – it’s designed specifically for coco.


The kit contains 2 EXCLUSIVE additives you won’t find elsewhere – ‘SmartZen Maximiser’ and ‘AquaZen Slow Water’.


It’s unbeatable value, with a dilution rate of just 2 – 4ML per Litre!


With these two unique additives and staggering results, SHOGUN Samurai is the one to beat!


You’ll get a complete A + B set – used together they’re a nutrient powerhouse!


• NPK formula (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus)
• Significant yield boost (6 – 8% better than average formulas)
• Astonishing rise of up to 45% in cellular respiration activity
• Unbelievable dilution rate of 2 – 4ML per Litre
• Enhances aroma and taste of fruit
• Radically increases chlorophyll density
• Provides greater stomata control
• Drives nutrient uptake & assimilation
• Speeds up photosynthesis for greater fruit production
• Stimulates root growth
• Prevents false drain
• Regulates rooting and flower development
• New, unique formula!
• Complete A +B set, including ‘SmartZen Maximiser’ and ‘AquaZen Slow Water’


It’s not just a rebrand or a clone of a competitor’s formula – SHOGUN’s latest feed is completely new and based on intensive research. It truly is one of a kind.


Only the best, natural ingredients are used – SHOGUN Samurai has really set the standard. Try it today and watch your plants thrive.