5Ltr Shogun Samurai Cal-Mag


It’s time to try SHOGUN’s genius take on the traditional calcium and magnesium additive.


It was designed by leading biochemists to enhance nutrient uptake – perfect for peak production.


It’ll prevent and correct most common deficiencies – perfect if you’re growing in coco. You’ll see a distinct rise in chlorophyll production and rapid root formation, too.


Use it as a foliar spray or root feed – it’s great for both. You can safely use it alongside your base nutrient, too.


• Vegetative growth booster
• Amazing dilution rate of 1 – 2ML per Litre
• Highly refined calcium (3.2%), magnesium (1.2%) and nitrogen (2.6%) source
• Also contains iron (0.1%) – a common deficiency
• Improves translocation of nutrients
• Essential for growing with coco (which has a high nitrogen draw)
• Boosts chlorophyll production and speeds photosynthesis
• Balances nutrients in the root zone
• Rapid root formation
• Strengthens plant structure – leads to thicker stems and branches
• Aids uptake of nutrients key to flower development (such as potassium and phosphurus)
• Highly effective in any medium or system


Don’t be fooled by the low price – as always, SHOGUN’s CalMag really is the best one to buy.


It’s an absolute neccessity, especially during high temperatures and periods of speedy growth when deficiencies are common.

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